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Fast, Affordable and Comprehensive Roadside Solutions in Oklahoma City, OK.

Towing Services

Our company provides the highest quality tow trucks that comes with advanced towing equipment. Our towing team can transport your motorcycle to any location you require, such as your home or a repair shop in Oklahoma City. We are confident in providing smooth and safe tows because we perform regular equipment checks. Our years of experience handling various vehicles allow us to provide you with a damage-free towing experience.

Roadside Assistance

We provide quick and fast roadside services. Don’t feel helpless when you find yourself on the side of the road; contact us, and we will resolve your roadside problem. Our highly skilled and experienced roadside technicians have extensive experience with various towing and roadside assistance. Whether it is a flat tire, flat car battery, out-of-gas, or car lockout situation, we can assist you quickly and efficiently.

Roadside Assistance

About Us

In need of towing or roadside assistance? Timewise Towing Service is here to provide you with the necessary assistance! Did you know that our towing and roadside assistance services are among the quickest and most dependable in Oklahoma City. Our company is a well-known towing and roadside assistance provider that has worked hard for many years to consistently provide excellent services to all of our valued customers at a reasonable price.

We have the best tow trucks in our fleet! We have heavy duty tow trucks as well as fast and mobile small tow trucks. Each tow truck is equipped with professional-grade equipment for any towing service! We make certain that our tow trucks are equipped with the most advanced equipment for our customers’ towing needs. We also ensures that all of our tow trucks can complete the job quickly and efficiently for you.


Car Towing

We have tow trucks for car towing requests, including wheel lifts and flatbed tow trucks. We can tow cars such as Ford, Toyota, Bentley, and others with our extensive fleet of tow trucks.

Motorcycle Towing

We provide everything required for a smooth and safe motorcycle tow. For example, we transport motorcycles using flatbed tow trucks and tools such as locks or straps to secure the bike to the truck.

Heavy Duty Towing

We provide reliable and professional heavy-duty towing with our complete fleet of heavy tow trucks and recovery equipment. Our heavy-duty towing team offers friendly, fast, and affordable services at affordable rates.

Jump Start

Contact our professionals to do the jump start for you. There is no need to risk damages and injuries. Using the right tools, cables, and equipment, we can perform a fast and safe jump start.

Tire Change

When you find yourself having flat or punctured tires, or if you do not have the tools for fixing the spare tires, we are willing to assist you.

Car Lock-out

If you lock yourself out of your vehicle and require assistance, call us and we will respond quickly. Our technicians and locksmiths are well-versed in the skills and tools required to unlock various types of vehicles.

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